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Use same or different servers?

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Is it most wise from a security standpoint to just use the same VPN server all the time, or should you rotate between all the servers on a regularely basis? Any good thoughts / recommendations / arguments on this?

Kind regards.

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Your name indicates you might be a German speaker. Please be advised that our word "Sicherheit" translates to both "security" and "safety", meaning two very different things.

I bet you mean "safety", as in "is it safer to rotate for privacy", which some people would recommend. But it depends on what people refer to as the "threat model". Essentially, who you're trying to hide from. When you're simply torrenting, sticking to a handful of the speediest servers seems wiser than erratically jumping through the world, for example. You could tell us your use case and people here will surely recommend something.

To drive the point home: The "security" doesn't matter: All servers negotiate the highest possible cipher settings, whether you rotate or not.


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