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ANSWERED Check IP address of servers if using random configuration

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I'm following this description (link) to create a VPN-proxy VM in Qubes OS. There is a step where i should create some firewall rules in the VPN-proxy to prevent leaks. I'd like to use a random European .ovpn configuration, so i go to Config Generator > choosing Linux as my OS, IPv4 only for IP layer exit and IPv4 as Connect with IP layer, tick the Advenced Mode, selecting OpenVPN version >=2.5, choosing OpenVPN TCP 443 tls-crypt, tls1.2 as the protocol and tick By Continents > Europe and finally generating and downloading the .ovpn config file, where i changed eurpe3.vpn... to europe3.all.vpn.... To create the firewall rule, I need the IP addresses that belong to the European servers. What is the easiest way to find out these IP addresses? If i'm downloading the .ovpn file as resolved hosts, i only get 1 IP address.

Thanks any help you can provided!

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Assuming that you connect to entry-IP address 3, you can get all the IP addresses you ask for by resolving the following name:

Query in TCP because the answer is too long for an UDP DNS query. Example with dig:
dig +tcp +short europe3.all.vpn.airdns.org
Kind regards

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