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ANSWERED How to erase profile in Android ?

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First excuse my bad english, it's not my native language.
I use Eddie with an Android box Formuler Z8.
I am using the connection by the profiles I downloaded on this site. I registred european profiles (Netherland, Germany... because I'm living in France)
A few days ago I registred an US profile. Since that, when I start the box, it connects automaticly on this profile. This is not good for me, too far from my home, latency and bandwith are less performant than european locations.
I tried to erase the .opvn file in the download folder where I putted it, but it is still here.
So, I have 2 questions :
- How to erase a profile with Android ? (there is no right clic...)
- How to make a default profile ?
Thank you in advance.

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To delete an imported profile, please go to the "Profiles" view, long-tap a profile then select "Delete" from the contextual menu.

The "default" profile is the last one you have picked. It will be used even for the connection at boot, if you halted the systems while Eddie was connected through a profile and the option to connect at boot is on.

Kind regards

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