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pfSense 2.5.1 port forwarding stopped working

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Hi guys,

I'm running my pfSense setup since a long while and recently I've upgraded to the 2.5.1 release. After that I've noticed that port forwarding stopped working.
It looks like the Firewall and NAT does what it should. I'm a bit lost... any ideas ?

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Hello, same things happen to my setup.
pfSense 2.5.0 with config for Airvpn tuto = port forwarding work // upgrade pfSense 2.5.1 port forwarding KO
Test with config from https://nguvu.org  same things
Test with last version of OPNsense same thing.

It's seems that there is a problème a top of the tunnel vpn.

I continu to test

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Thanks @ParnBlade, I was just about to re-do my setup with the mentioned guide, but if you have already tried it I will leave it as it is.
Do you think this is something AirVPN could help with ? Or is this a bug in the pfSense config ? I found that the support forum of pfSense isn't really supportive when it comes to VPN configuration with any 3rd Party vendor.

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Well that sucks, no wonder my syncthing has been been working since I upgraded.

I guess I will have to wait until they fix it on the stable, no brave enough to go to the developer.

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