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Port forwarding does not seems to work anymore

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I have setup a port forward in airpvn client area with one free port listed. So far so good. My openvpn is configured correctly on pfsense 2.5.1 (I can use this tunnel with a vm that get the correct ip from the air vpn tunnel). Now I try ot test the port forward.
- Setup a web server that listen on my port forward (this vm can access to airpvn)
- Added a nat in pf to allow port forward to this vm's ip
- Checked all firewall rules on this opn vpn interface to allow the trafic

But any tests I made show that the trafic never reach pfsense..
I try a low level tcpdump on the openvpn interface and never see the trafic on that port. So maybe there is an issue before pfsense...
I am wondering if you guys see this kind of issue recently.

Thanks for any help or advices.

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Posted ... (edited)

Same for me.


Before GRC Shields UP was showing selected ports as open... now as stealth... why?


EDIT: Seems to be only related tp pfsense 2.5.1 does not exist in 2.5.0

Edited ... by rysP97cxFQPY45Wn
Found out the problem

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