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Japan needs more servers

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On a typical weeknight
Biham 41% load
Iskandar 100%
Okab 100%
Taphao 58%

It only gets worse on Friday through Sunday.  And, what's with the terrible latencies using TCP 443?  Singapore is at over 200 ms, and I'm in Korea.  Japan should be 50-60ms and Singapore 80-90ms.  Haven't seen latencies that low in many months.

Screenshot from 2021-02-24 22-31-43.png

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Thank you!

Round trip time shown by Eddie is very unreliable and must not be taken as an absolute value, but has its usefulness as a relative value.

We will keep an eye on Japan. Currently there's still a lot of free bandwidth 24/7 as you may easily verify (check the average bandwidth over a day, a week, a month etc. on each Japan server from https://airvpn.org/status ), On average, Japan servers are still busy only 50% during a weekend. Let's see the next ones. However, we must keep into account CPU load, because those servers are not able to use full 2 Gbit/s (that's why we report, for maximum transparency, only 1 Gbit/s).

Iskandar - Picture shows that Iskandar bandwidth is on a weekly average 58% free on a 500 Mbit/s full duplex basis and that on peak times it reached 1.6 Gbit/s (out of 1 Gbit/s full duplex), which is not yet 100% CPU (these servers' hardware can reach a maximum of 1.7 Gbit/s)

Kind regards

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Thanks for the response.  However, nobody cares about weekly server load averages.  Customers want bandwidth at peak times.  If your servers are consistently overloaded during those times, action is needed.  Don't bother looking at any other metric or you will lose customers.  It's a simple supply and demand issue.

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5 hours ago, monstrocity said:

Thanks for the response.  However, nobody cares about weekly server load averages.  Customers want bandwidth at peak times.  If your servers are consistently overloaded during those times, action is needed. 


We don't understand this last message of yours. We have just shown you with clear data that there is no overload at all. During the peak times you have defined there's plenty of free bandwidth and CPU time. We closely monitor all servers, not only Japan ones, and when necessary we add servers or bandwidth.

Kind regards

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From a private message from @monstrocity we understand that he/she has not understood what we wrote.

If that was the case for other readers, here comes some more explicit clarification.

Iskandar load at 86% means that it has still 858 Mbit/s free
Okab load at 34% means that it has still 1360 Mbit/s free

In general, 100% load means that you have 700 Mbit/s free on Japan servers.

Re-read our messages to understand why.

Furthermore, the CPU load is not heavy. These servers can achieve 1.7 Gbit/s with just four OpenVPN instances (experimentally confirmed, so it's for sure).

The problem might be different:

  • you experience congestion in the weakest hop or interconnection between your ISP and our ISP during specific peak times
  • your ISP network is congested (or traffic shaping is enforced) in the peak times you mentioned
  • our datacenter (*) is congested in the peak times you mentioned
  • a combination of two or all of the above points

In the first two cases, we can't do anything. In the third case, we can't do anything on that datacenter (adding servers would be mainly useless, of course) except pushing legally for the bandwidth we must have by contract (8 Gbit/s total, or 4 Gbit/s full duplex, as you prefer). However, since we do not experience the problems you mention, not even from Italy or other dedicated servers, we tend to exclude the third option.

Thread will remain locked for 24 hours to avoid looping around the same biased arguments over and over.

(*) Our Tokyo servers are in Equinix TY8 dc https://www.equinix.com/locations/asia-colocation/japan-colocation/tokyo-data-centers/ty8/

Kind regards

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I know you locked this, but could it help adding a CPU %usage rrdgraph to every server detail page?

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