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My POV as a newbie here

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As a long time GNU/Linux enthusiast & evangelist I am very privacy & net neutrality concerned, and care a lot about the software I run.
Eddie is the very first VPN client I happily run on my Manjaro box.
Though I still enjoy personally adding & managing VPN configurations thru the Network Connection Manager, I now see why a VPN client might be interesting: Eddie simply works out of the box and does not make a GNU/Linux user feel a 2nd class citizen (eg, network lock feature included by default), & provides detailed info on latency & load.

What about transparency? Simply astonishing.
In this world where money is the only religion, transparency is often an abused concept of the past. Not here. When geographic location is not mandatory, I love operating from the currently fastest server available and not overload the others..

The number of locations seems to be low and the servers number a bit odd, but it works well. A well balanced infrastructure indeed with access points in strategic places all over the world. I love the servers names! As time passes, they become close friends.

What about sponsorship? The fact that the company cares about some of the most important open source projects & organizations is definitely a plus.

Not to mention that the community simply looks great.
Thank you!

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quick adjustment

Switched to GNU/Linux 11+ years ago & never looked back. Proud to be free.

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