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OpenVPN AirVPN 3.6.6 released

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We're very glad to inform you that OpenVPN AirVPN 3.6.6 is now available. It implements data-ciphers directive following the same OpenVPN 2.5 directive syntax for a more flexible and comfortable choice of Data Channel ciphers by the client side, including CHACHA20-POLY1305 whose support was added by AirVPN in 2019.

OpenVPN AirVPN now handles Data Channel cipher by complying to new OpenVPN 2.5 specifications while keeping backward compatibility with older than 2.5 OpenVPN versions. For additional comfort and backward compatibility, support to ncp-disable directive implemented by AirVPN is currently kept.

Please see the changelog for more details.

AirVPN Suite 1.0.0 software suite for Linux is already linked against the new library. Eddie Android edition will be updated accordingly in the near future. Updated macOS software based on the new version is planned as well. Hummingbird 1.1.1 for macOS will be released soon and linked against the new library.

OpenVPN AirVPN 3.6.6 is now 93 commits ahead of master branch. Source code is available on GitHub:

Changelog 3.6.6 AirVPN - Release date: 7 December 2020 by ProMIND

- [ProMIND] [2020/11/02] openvpn/ssl/proto.hpp: IV_CIPHERS is set to the overridden cipher only
                         (both from client and/or OpenVPN profile) in order to properly work
                         with OpenVPN 2.5 IV_CIPHERS specifications. The old method of cipher
                         overriding by means of negotiable crypto parameters is still supported
                         in order to maintain compatibility with OpenVPN < 2.5.0
- [ProMIND] [2020/11/24] openvpn/ssl/proto.hpp: added "data-ciphers" directive to profile config
                        .ovpn files in order to comply to OpenVPN 2.5 negotiable data cipher
                         specifications. In case "data-ciphers" is found in the .ovpn file IV_CIPHERS
                         is assigned to the algorithms found in "data-ciphers". In this specific case,
                         "cipher" directive is meant as a fallback cipher and, if not already specified
                         in "data-ciphers", is appended to IV_CIPHERS

Kind regards & datalove
AirVPN Staff

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5 hours ago, EdensSpire said:

when will there be a new update to Eddie?


We guess you mean linked on this new library: if so, very soon, you should see the first public beta version in January.

Kind regards

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