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ANSWERED Eddie for Android reconnection should be improved

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I recently switched to AirVPN from another provider and I am very happy with everything, except for the way the Eddie for Android client handles reconections when the conection is lost. It seems that after a certain period Eddie for Android just gives up trying to reconnect, even when you select Infinite as Connection timeout. 

come from a client that never stops trying to connect to the VPN, just keeps delaying the connection timeout more everytime it fails to connect. The reason I like this is sometimes you go to an area where there is bad reception for a while (or any other reason) and Eddie will just stop trying to connect. If I do not realize the connection is gone, I will not receive any messages or emails for hours until I realize Eddie is disconnected.

At first I though the problem was the Connection timeout configuration, but after changing it to Infinite, it takes longer to give up, but Eddie eventually gives up and does not try to connect anymore. I wonder if is there a way to have Eddie for Android trying to reconect for ever, just increasing the timeout time as it keeps failing, until, for example, it only tries to reconnect once every ten minutes or whatever the devs think is better.

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"VPN Lock" option, which is enabled by default, may be the cause of what you report. It's aimed to preventing traffic leaks outside the VPN tunnel when an unrecoverable connection error occurs. If Eddie allowed automatic re-connection it would also allow potential traffic leaks. You can disable "VPN Lock" in "Settings" and have Eddie re-connect automatically with no human intervention. Note that traffic leaks become possible.

The exclusive "VPN Lock" feature is very important in Android 8 and older versions. With any other OpenVPN based application you routinely have traffic leaks. We prefer to offer Eddie Android edition with traffic leaks prevention enabled by default at the moment.

In Android 9 and 10 you can prevent traffic leaks through system settings. When traffic leaks are prevented by the system, "VPN Lock" option becomes useless and even uncomfortable for the reason you mention. Once you have enabled traffic leaks prevention in system settings, you can disable "VPN Lock" option safely and have Eddie re-connect automatically (no user's action is required) with no traffic leaks at all.

Kind regards

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That makes sense. I am in Android 10 and I use the system lock, so let me try disabling Eddie Android VPN Lock and see how that works.

Thanks for the quick response

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