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What I see from a quick glimpse:

  • U.S.-based, seemingly Philadelphia. Yellow flag.
  • Software is closed source. Yellow flag.
  • One feature promises "no more buffering issues on Twitch". To provide this, they must know you are on Twitch. So it doesn't seem to be 100% private/net-neutral. Yellow flag.
  • You can use it for free if you stay below 5G/month. Wikipedia states you could use it ad-supported in the past, which definitely meant some tracking happening.
  • The Android app contains the usual Google Analytics tracking libraries and asks for 14 permissions according to ClassyShark3xodus, one of which is critical (phone status).
  • Website uses two analytics providers: Something from stats.wp.com (WordPress) and tracktion.com. Interesting fact that it's built on WordPress. Some would call this semi-professional.
  • A quick research on blogs reveals it offers 200+ servers in 50 countries, since there is no info on their website about it (from quick glimpse, that is). Some comments suggest they log IP addresses for at least seven days despite the statement not to do so in the privacy policy. Red flag.
  • Custom protocol. Understandable, given the fact the app started as a channel bonding software, but then again, VPN for privacy should be based on more or less proven tech. Not sure how to feel about this.
Also, not sure what they want to bond here in the year 2020 where high bandwidth connections are possible even on GSM networks (4G/5G).

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