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How to use wintun driver in Windows

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Although wintun driver is not yet in stable form, it already resolves many issues caused by the TAP-Windows driver, including the infamous bandwidth bottleneck which has always plagued Windows tun/tap virtual network interface. Dramatic performance boost has been observed multiple times on various Windows systems.

If you have problems with TAP driver installation or you experience poor performance, or you have stability issues, or sometimes your tun/tap interface mysteriously does not come up and requires a reset, consider to drop the TAP-Windows driver and migrate to wintun driver.

Starting from OpenVPN 2.5 tech preview, OpenVPN can use the wintun driver. Here you can find all the instructions as well as integrating OpenVPN 2.5 with wintun and Eddie Windows edition, AirVPN free and open source software for Windows.

wintun driver is only for Windows. Other systems do not need it at all. Windows 7 or higher version is required.

Please make sure that no antivirus or packet filtering tool interfere.

1) Install OpenVPN 2.5 tech preview with wintun driver. You can download it from here:

Please make sure that the installer installs the wintun driver too.

2) Configure Eddie to run the new OpenVPN you have installed:

  •  from Eddie's main window select "Preferences" > "Advanced"
  •  in "OpenVPN custom path" select the proper OpenVPN binary file you have installed in point 1, through the file requester (by default and assuming that your HDD is C, it will be C:/Program Files/openvpn/bin/openvpn.exe)
  •  click "Save"

3) Configure Eddie to send a directive to OpenVPN to use the wintun driver:
  • select "Preferences" > "OVPN Directives" from Eddie's main window
  • in the directives field enter the following line:
  • windows-driver wintun
  • press ENTER at the end of the line
  • click "Save"

Kind regards

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Thanks Staff for the instructions. However, whenever I reboot (Win 10 Ent 64 bit, not on a domain) I receive an advisory message, attached. Eddie 2.18.9 still works if I ignore it but I'd like to know how to create a config.ovpn file, or juest suppress the message?
Thanks and regards

Screen Shot 05-16-20 at 09.05 AM.JPG

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Perhaps you run OpenVPN at boot (as a service?), you should disable it. Eddie will launch OpenVPN when necessary and pass to it a profile built on the fly according to your settings and preferences.

Kind regards

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