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Phone ISP is capping the connection it seems

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Hi Airvpners,

On my cell phone when I check my connection speed it usually is around 60mbps, however with airvpn using the eddie client for android it is around 23 mbps, I tested this a couple of times so it seems my mobile isp knows i' m using a vpn and is capping the connection. 

Is there a way around this to make the vpn stealthy so my ISP does not notice it and does not cap the speed?

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I bet it's not the ISP. :)
But you can start with posting a log so we have at least some info about your hardware.

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» Furthermore, I propose that your paranoia is to be destroyed. If you overdo privacy, chances are you will be unique amond the mass again.

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Mobile ISPs routinely shape at least UDP traffic.

From tests with 6 major mobile ISPs in Italy, Germany, UK and Spain, we have found that 100% of them enforce traffic shaping, of various types.

Traffic shaping against UDP is less common, but not infrequent, with landline ISPs. A new extreme shaping which is terrible is shaping against anything that can not be identified as HTTP/HTTPS/privileged services; it is also getting not infrequent.

Try to switch to TCP and make sure to test various servers in various locations.

Your device processor is, in theory, capable to encrypt/decrypt at least 50 Mbit/s of an AES-256-GCM flow, and much more with CHACHA20 (more than 70 Mbit/s), so traffic shaping enforced by your ISP is an option to consider according to your report.

Consider to connect in TCP, and also test CHACHA20-POLY1305 cipher, which is supported by Eddie Android edition. Air VPN servers which support CHACHA20 are highlighted in yellow with the phrase "Experimental ChaCha20" in the servers monitor https://airvpn.org/status

Anyway, once you tell Eddie to use CHACHA20, it will show and connect to only those Air VPN server which support CHACHA20.

Select Eddie's "Settings" view, expand "AirVPN", tap "Encryption algorithm", select "CHACHA20-POLY1305" and tap "OK". Also tap "Default protocol", tap "TCP" and tap "OK". Tap "Quick connection mode", select "Use default options only" and tap "OK". Then test a quick connection and verify whether you get better performance or not.

IMPORTANT: if you select manually servers in the "VPN servers" view, you need to specifically set "TCP" in the "AIRVPN SERVER" settings menu, because this setting is distinct from the quick connection mode configured protocol, while "Encryption algorithm" is kept always global.

Kind regards


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With those settings CHACHA20-POLY1305 cipher and TCP as you suggested the download speed went up from about 20mbp/s to about 40 mbp/s which is pretty good since the 4G line is usually about 60mbp/s wiithout VPN,.

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In Linux you can run Hummingbird. It uses our OpenVPN3-AirVPN library which supports CHACHA20 on the Data Channel.

Please see here, you will also find instructions on how to configure Hummingbird to use CHACHA20-POLY1305:

Remember to use a profile generated only for the servers which support CHACHA20-POLY1305. They are marked yellow with the phrase "Experimental CHACHA20" in the Configuration Generator or in our web site servers monitor: https://airvpn.org/status

NOTE: if your Linux system supports AES-NI then AES cipher may have higher performance than CHACHA20 cipher.

Kind regards

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