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Eddie Window has stopped opening - Resolved

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Been using Eddie with no problems but for some reason when trying to run it, it will appear as a background process but won't display the main Eddie window.  Can't think of anything major that's been installed in the mean time.  Tried uninstalling and re-installing and running as admin all with no success.  Have disabled virus and firewalls and stopped other processes but it still won't display the main Eddie window.  Win10 is up to date and besides a couple of games (now uninstalled) nothing else has been installed.

Something has obviously changed but I wondered if there was any way of finding out what the conflict is to cause the main window to not display.  Or if there were any known issues with other programs that could stop Eddie displaying.


Update:  Fixed this.  Restored back to an earlier Windows creation point a few days old.  Thinking it through I can see where the problem was - I'd installed an update to an app which played with the Windows UI and played with the toolbars - so Eddie was there I just couldn't see the icon and display the main window because it was hidden.  Simple stuff and a bit daft of me to not spot this.

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Fixed the problem

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