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Eddie constantly disconnects at random and cannot connect back, mainly when using qBittorrent

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I am not sure what you mean wintermute1912, when the vpn works normally IPLeak shows good results and that i'm completely hidden. Plus there's the network lock for added safety. Can you expand on your suggestion and why i'm not safe (in layman's terms)?

Regarding my tests, after i reset and restarted my xfinity router (it wasn't reset in a long time), and changed to 2.4ghz, eddie so far worked well for several days in a row. Except there were two disconnections ("inactivity timeout") and in both eddie connected back after 1 minute and to a different server. I don't know if this is how eddie is supposed to work or again it was a disconnection from my router, but this time at least they connected right back. Stll need to try 5ghz again after the reset.

So anyways I am guessing that little eddie is not to blame for the original problem. It has to do with other things which i am still not 100% positive what they are but the above seemed to help. Thanks everyone for helping.

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On 1/5/2020 at 12:26 AM, wintermute1912 said:
If you run netstat in a command window whilst connected to your VPN you'll notice an ESTABLISHED connection between the internal LAN IP address of your host machine and Microsoft's Telemetry Server. You should only see connections to and from the public VPN IP address.


Windows 8 and 10 can freeze processes. The established connections of those processes, apparently, remain frozen too. Network Lock protects you from traffic leaks outside the tunnel when such processes are unfrozen. Just to be 100% positive about that, we have reproduced exactly what you report with the Telemetry Service and no data pass through or outside the VPN tunnel in any case: when the system is not connected to the VPN and the process is frozen and then unfrozen, it can't communicate; and when the system is connected to the VPN and the process get unfrozen no packets get out of the tunnel. You can verify with Wireshark for example.

Kind regards

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