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ANSWERED Weird connection drop outs during high download

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I keep having VPN connection drops during high download. I was wondering if this was a problem with my Synology NAS but when I'm not connected to VPN my connections are fast and steady.
My VPN is connected with UDP port 443 so I tried another port 53 and suddenly my connection drops seem to have disappeared.
Edit: argh never mind UDP with port 53 also got disconnected. Guess I'll try TCP VPN connection and see if that's better. Is it maybe a problem with handshaking?

I was wondering if anyone could explain how this can be happen? Is it my provider shaping/capping something? Can they even drop connections when speeds are too fast? It feels so weird and wrong.

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Ow lord I figured it out. In the synology reconnection script mentioned here:
There is a part where it will get your public IP address to see if you're still online. While that script works normally, if you're connection is maxed out by torrent connections, it will not be able to reach the website and return nothing, thus triggering the reconnect in the script. 😬
Took me way too long to figure this out ...

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