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Question for seasoned VPN users: Why might certain sites not load with VPN?

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I've used VPN for years on and off again, mostly because of frequent travel to China. But I've gotten into the habit of using them even when I'm back in the US. I noticed something odd over the last month. My bank's website now, for whatever reason, will simply not load at all if my VPN is on. It was fine for the first few months we used this particular service, but over the last month, we simply cannot access it unless we shut our VPN access off.

Now, assuming that this is, as I suspect, something the bank website is doing, disallowing connections from VPN servers, my question is, why on Earth would they do this? It seems that they'd have a vested interest in customers keeping their logins as secure as possible, which is something VPN helps with. But here, it seems that they're requiring customers to login under less than secure customers. I get that they might be worried about identity theft, but surely they realize that most people logging in from a VPN aren't doing so to commit.

As for my service, it's supposed to be good enough to fool Netflix's servers, so you can use Netflix services regardless of country. I may have to modify my current settings, and see if they'll be good enough to fool my bank's website. We'll see if that works. I can always drop my VPN connection for as long as it takes to do my transaction, if it comes down to it, but this is a strange development that I thought I'd mention here, and ask you seasoned vets about.

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