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Blocked site warning WHEN connected via AIRVPN

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I used a few Canadian servers this past week and I received blocked site warnings from my ISP whilst connected via AIRVPN. This is an actual warning message from my ISP, not another company.

This should not happen as it means my ISP can see my traffic.

I've never seen this before on the site I wanted to visit and using non Canadian servers and there does not appear to be an issue.

Network lock is on and all other settings are as they should be. IPV6 is blocked and unchecked in my router as well.

Can staff explain to me why the ISP can see my traffic when they should not be able to ?

This means that AIRVPN is not trusted as a secure provider.

No leaks apparent using usual tools. History cleared.

Edit - I've blacklisted all Canadian servers for now.


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Can you paste your OpenVPN logs here? Use the upper left button of the editor for this.
And after connection, what does ipleak.net say?

» I am not an AirVPN team member. All opinions are my own and are not to be considered official. Only the AirVPN Staff account should be viewed as such.

» The forums is a place where you can ask questions to the community. You are not entitled to guaranteed answer times. Answer quality may vary, too. If you need professional support, please create tickets.

» If you're new, take some time to read LZ1's New User Guide to AirVPN. On questions, use the search function first. On errors, search for the error message instead.

» If you choose to create a new thread, keep in mind that we don't know your setup. Give info about it. Never forget the OpenVPN logs or, for Eddie, the support file (Logs > lifebelt icon).

» The community kindly asks you to not set up Tor exit relays when connected to AirVPN. Their IP addresses are subject to restrictions and these are relayed to all users of the affected servers.


» Furthermore, I propose that your paranoia is to be destroyed. If you overdo privacy, chances are you will be unique amond the mass again.

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The server at issue is Telescopium. I tried the other Canadian servers and they all allow me to access the site I am loading without the local ISP warning.

So, the issue is specific to Telescopium.

This warning message, again, is from my local ISP. AirVPN says I am connected. IPLeak shows no leaks.

I've created a support request given the sensitivity and urgency of the issue. I'd advise members to be very careful of their connections, especially Canadian servers.


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Please make sure that your system queries VPN DNS, then please post a traceroute to the host while connected to Telescopium.

From a terminal:
traceroute <destination IP address>

"traceroute" is "tracert" in Windows.

Kind regards

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I've created a support case for this given the sensitve nature.

I'll do a tracert to the site in question when connected to Telescopium tomorrow.

I'm using AIRVPN's DNS. I've posted a log in the support case already plus the notification from the ISP when connected to AIRVPN.


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17 minutes ago, Flx said:
You just got me curious.
What sort of message would that be?
The one that you get from your ISP while connected to AirVPN?
Only using Telescopium and only within the first 5 minutes or so of connection.



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Can staff explain to me why the ISP can see my traffic when they should not be able to ?

It doesn't. The problem is on your side. Everything works as it should on Telescopium.

This means that AIRVPN is not trusted as a secure provider.

It's not the first time you charge to us a problem on your side, and from that you jump to defamatory conclusions and widespread forum trolling before even you open a ticket. Since you re-iterate the same mistake repeatedly, we don't think anymore that you are in good faith. To avoid any further FUD and trolling from your account in our forums we will act accordingly.

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