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Has Air given up on Eddie for desktop?

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3 hours ago, airnoob said:

schwabe explained what was required to get the code merged upstream, you decided to close the PR as can be seen here. This would be the same if you were submitting a patch to the kernel, subsystem maintainers have requirements and they themselves have requirements to get it merged in the next release branch by Linus or Greg for stable.

So as it turns out, he told you what needs be done and you refused. Whether his requirements are suitable is not for discussion since it's not your project. You may have requirements for PR's on Eddie branches as most OSS does. You need to comply or you can just maintain your own fork which is worse for the community as a whole.

To be clear, you may see this as "see, this guy is stopping us!" but instead it's "hey, we didn't comply with the requirements of this software to get our PR merged".


We will not lower our OpenVPN 3 standards for his requirements. We have handed a clearly superior, under every respect, source code on a silver platter to the community and to OpenVPN Tech., authorizing the company to even use it in any way they like for their own business purposes, and all they could require in the end was related to lower the source code style (because it's compliant to the art of programming) and disclose the identity of AirVPN personnel.

We are not claiming "they are stopping us", although you need to note that in the first cycle, when even the most absurd requirement was met, Schwabe came out with a new one, in an endless loop. He never came out with all requirements together, he kept posting new ones after the previous one was resolved. A strategy worth to be noted.

We are claiming that we have no time to waste and that it is unfair to force us to lower programming standards. Any average developer can see that our commits are on a very high level. If we do a favor to OpenVPN Tech., it's their right to refuse it, but it's not anybody's right to ask us to spend more time to try to force the beneficiary to accept the favor.

So the result is that now AirVPN users are happily using ChaCha20 on OpenVPN Data Channel with OpenVPN 3 library in Android, enjoying a battery life that's 100% longer and a 30% or higher performance boost, while OpenVPN main branch has remained obsolete, without ChaCha20 support, without the new class supporting any AEAD cipher future implementation, and risks to be wiped out by Wireguard similarly to how Apache was by Nginx.

Send your complaints to Schwabe or OpenVPN Tech. please, not to us.

Kind regards

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On 8/12/2019 at 3:45 PM, Staff said:

Sorry but what does it have to do with Eddie? Eddie will run the OpenVPN binary you tell it to run.

Kind regards
What do i have to download from the OpenVPN website and where do i have to put the files to use the latest version?

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On 8/12/2019 at 4:51 PM, Clodo said:

I hope we can release the new 2.x version as soon as possible.
I hope I can give you a date in a few days.

We are testing and fixing bugs, but I assure you that my team (including myself) is working full time on Eddie.
We hope to release a public beta version during the first days of September.

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Is this next public beta another beta update to the most recent (beta) release from last year, or is it a beta of the long-awaited native GTK-based version of Eddie?

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