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I liked the trial so much I skipped out on my old VPN with 4 months left

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I'm not sure if we're allowed to mention the names of other VPNs here in the context of speaking negatively about them so I won't name the one I was using. I had 4 months of subscription time on it left. The servers were very fast. But that's where the positives end. Servers disconnected often a few times a day, even though connecting to them again immediately worked perfectly fine, and in fact the thing that made me start looking for a new VPN was that the day I started looking, every single server would stop working 5-10 minutes after connecting. I switched servers about 20 times before throwing my hands up and saying "this is ridiculous" and starting my search. Their customer service and Android/Windows clients were also terrible, rarely worked 100% properly. And it was extremely expensive at $100 a year.

I eventually ended up at AirVPN after doing some research for several hours. Bought the 2 day trial because of course it's never a good idea to pay a significant amount of money for a service without knowing how well it works for you. I had to contact support about an issue on the Eddie Android client after the first day, and they were very helpful and responded quickly. Servers NEVER disconnect, and there are tons of servers around the US and Canada including several in the city I plan to move to soon. Speed tests are not insane but plenty good for me, 100Mbps (normally 120-180 without a VPN) most of the day, more than good enough for 4k60 streaming and fast downloads. Bought a year and have a feeling I will add another year by the time this one expires.

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