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Absolutely impressed!

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Not new to VPN, but new too Air. And maybe too early to write a review after signing up yesterday.

But i wanted to anyway. I doubt that i would change my mind totally as time goes, so here we go


When i was new to VPN, i fell for the "Top 5 best VPN!" trap.

Just search for VPN, and a million sites will pop up "reviewing" different VPNs. Im sure you know what i mean already.

Its just not easy finding a good VPN when looking around for the first time, and following times.


I was absolutely sure, that if i would start to use a VPN, those "Top choises" was the real thing.

It took some time to understand what was behind the whole hype. Paid reviews of course.


As i walked through several VPN providers, i was always feeling a bit uncomfortable.

I started to doubt if the VPN i used really was based in some secure location in Panama.

So i changed provider after reading up on some other reviews. I remember once when i woke up in the morning, seeing an email from my new VPN provider, asking me how i like their service?

I replied that all is fine so far, their reply back was: "Good. This is part of our Privacy Policy"


I stopped using VPN that day.


Sometimes its better to trust facts instead of feelings. But i had that gut feeling, telling me something is not right. And i couldnt get rid of that feeling, it was bothering me.

I took up the chase again, this time determined to find a trustworthy VPN.

After some intensive research i think i found one.I have used it for a while, never felt let down. Actually i have been very satisfied the whole time.


So why did i even considering signing up for Air, when i already was using a VPN service that i like and trust?

Well, while i was reading up, determined to find any serious providers out there, Air was definitely one the list.

There was no reason for not picking AirVPN in the first place. I was kinda tired of all the reading, trying to find some independent source, So while having the website up for the previous VPN, i just gave it a go.


After a while, i was starting to visit AirVPN more frequently. I was interested still, i mean Air was on my list of trustworthy and serious VPN service in the first place. And my list was far from long.

I liked reading on the forums here. There was so much more to learn. Interesting tech discussions, well written guides, some more features in the client, a lot of happy users and great reviews.

Now i just had to try. So i signed up.


Now i wanted to get started!

But instead of download the client, Eddie, I started my journey making 2 support tickets - I couldnt log in to Air from my computer. Later i found out that it was ME who forgot some of my log in details.

The payment status was also "Pending" still. Kinda embarrassing creating support tickets, when it was an user error. The solution was of course to remember my log in details, and just give it some minutes for processing the payment. The support staff replied almost right away, that was impressing! Once i found out that the problem was on me, not on Air, everything just works great!


The important things, about privacy, terms of service, is very clear, I have been testing out the features in Eddie, i have played online games (I understand theres no limited bandwith, but i figure heavy server load while playing, so please correct me if i shouldnt use VPN while playing online)

And i experience absolutely GREAT speed! I have been used having slower speeds with other VPN before, but thats not the case here at all!


I really like the client, Eddie. It feels solid, and i can easily change server, change the settings, network lock on, DNS lock, starting up when i start my computer, informative, easy access to the log, its flushing DNS at startup, showing the whole process,


I know, only a day has passed, but im really impressed and happy with the service. I wouldnt write this if i wasnt, or if i believed that i suddenly will change my mind.

I believe when someone signs up for Air, they are here to stay. At least i am, and i cant see myself going back to anything else!


Thank you!












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