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Eddie in Antix must start from root terminal, closes when terminal is closed

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Hi, I just installed Eddie v.2.16.3 on my computer, with Antix Linux v.17.3 (which has no systemd).


There is a menu item in the Internet Applications Menu, to start Eddie. But it does not work.


After configuring Network-Manager for AirVPN, the Eddie GUI appeared. But the menu item still is not functional.


I must start Eddie via a root terminal "eddie-ui".  Then, it runs fine, with icon in task tray, preferences and main window, when asked for, etc. But if I close the terminal window, Eddie stops and the connection is lost.


Edit... The problem is resolved, by editing a system menu. I regret that this was posted... would remove the post, but don't see how.

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The post is anyway useful, thank you! No reasons to delete, really, but the final choice is yours.


More technical details (including nohup, disown and how to handle properly stdin/stdout/stderr in such cases):



We would like to add that, in order to detach completely a job from the original shell job list with a complete control and fine tuning, you can simply use GNU Screen, a terminal and terminal emulators multiplexer with a tiny RAM footprint:



Kind regards

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Thank you for the two links.


In my situation, following initial installation of Eddie, the application menu included a link to: eddie-ui.

I edited the menu to: gksu eddie-ui

(As I understand it, this is similar to su or sudo, but is more limited.)


The edited link does not open a terminal window, but it tells the system to "run eddie as root."


with appreciation for your service... 

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