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IP Camera, no port forwarding, How to share VPN connection?

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I'll try to be short:

- Bought an IP camera that has a web interface

- The camera knows Fixed IP, PPPoE and a few other protocols, but NO VPN of any kind

- The only way to access it from outside is via port forwarding

- My ISP doesn't give any incoming ports, it's a pure IPv6 connection with IPv4 translation on THEIR side.

- Only router is a Cable Modem/Router provided by the ISP, which, as stated above, creates an IPv4 tunnel


On my Windows computers I broke through the lack of incoming connections by using AirVPN and the Forwarded Ports feature.

However, the camera cannot do that...



How do I share my computer's AirVPN tunnel to the IP camera ?


Something like this:

Internet -> AirVPN server port -> My computer with Eddie -> Camera's IP + Port


Is it even possible ?

Thanks !

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I used a 2nd network card in the PC.

Internet Connection Sharing done on the VPN towards the 2nd network

Port forwarded from AirVPN

Port forwarded inside ICS towards the camera's IP with a direct cable in the 2nd network card.


Works !

Checked with a friend in another country, he could see me ;-)

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