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VPN Torrenting Download Overhead

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I have a question about about the overhead of VPN while torrenting.


I use private trackers and before VPN my ISP reported download usage in GB was always 10 to 15% higher than my torrent client reported download amount. This is when all other internet usage is off so torrenting is isolated. I know this is normal as there is tracker reporting, retransmissions, etc going on in the background in any normal torrent download.


However since using VPN this overhead has jumped to 33 to 38% in the same isolated torrenting circumstances. Can anybody confirm if this is normal for torrenting on with a VPN.


Thank you

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I knew that it would but to be honest I was surprised by how much.

Now that I know it is normal I shall plan appropriately, the encryption and anonymity are more important to me that download volume.

Thank you

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OpenVPN total overhead in routing mode (our setup, using tun and not tap) and with UDP as protocol is 69 bytes per packet  (in reality with HMAC SHA-2 which we use it will be slightly more but that's negligible):



With a packet, say, of standard 1500 bytes size, that's ~4.6% . Something else must enter into play in your case, because the overhead you report is largely unexpected. Packet retransmission (due to errors), important fragmentation are perhaps the first things to check.


Kind regards

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