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Somewhat uneven distribution of users across servers in Sweden

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it caught my eye that there seems to be a somewhat uneven distribution of the users across Swedish Servers. For example, just right now Lupus has 112 and Ain has 105 users, while Algieba and Azmidiske have only 11 and 15 users, respectively. Because many users per server mean more anonymity (correlation attacks become harder), wouldn’t it make some sense to modify the distribution algorithm towards a more even allocation?

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Yes it has been some time like that i notice that as well. Also like always even thou i change my real location closer Uppsala, Stockholm servers are still faster. I use tier 4 servers, dunno is that something todo for that. Also my english is so bad and maybe i understand your message totally wrong .


But yes, Uppsala server do have much less users. And also when users auto connect, servers are pretty much same always.

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also my english is so bad and maybe i understand your message totally wrong

No, I think you got it right!

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