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Network lock in "cloud machine"

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So here is my predicament. I have a cloud machine (dedicated machine in a 3rd party facility somewhere in the world). This machine runs macOS and I connect to it using VNC to run some software that is macOS-only.


Now, when I use the browser while VNC'ed in this machine I don't want its real location to be known by the websites I visit. For that reason I put it behind VPN (VNC ports are forwarded of course so I can connect to the machine while it is in VPN.). I would like to activate the network lock feature so if AirVPN disconnects for some reason while I'm browsing the real IP is not leaked. 


However, I'm concerned that, if AirVPN disconnects and cannot reconnect for some reason, I will in fact loose all connection *into* this machine. It will be completely unreachable. 


So, I was thinking I could allow some ports (VNC port, SSH port) through the network lock (i.e. not going through the tunnel). This is OK for me since I mostly care about the browser not leaking the real IP to the websites I visit. 


How can I achieve this using the Eddie client? Is it possible at all? 


Thanks in advance!



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