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Generator feature suggestion: option to display/edit config in web UI.

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A number of mobile browsers don't save the file correctly when the Generate button is pressed. Based on my experience just now, one popular browser saves a copy of the entire web page to the .ovpn, another just saves blank files.  


Rather than try to debug all of these I have a suggestion. Offer a checkbox or button on the Generator page that will display the config right there, in a box, such as an edit field, allowing the user to simply select and copy it to their paste buffer. This will get around filesystem quirks and give the user some flexibility in how to save it on their device.


What's more if it's an edit field (textarea) and the user knows of changes they need to make or would like to insert a comment, they'd have the handy ability to do it right there in the web page before copying it.


Thanks for your consideration.

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Can you provide a list of browsers not working for testing here? Because in the past it worked with Firefox/Fennec and Lightning for me. What's your mobile phone manufacturer/model and which Android version are you using?

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I'm afraid I don't have a lot of time available to help with client debugging at this time.  I've just found a few minutes and reproduced it on Opera (saved an empty file) and Dolphin (did not save anything).  Platform is Nexus 9 running android 7.1.2 (LineageOS 14.1-20181201-NIGHTLY-flounder).


Irrespective of whether specific browser issues are identified or solved, do you have any interest in the suggestion that I made of making the text available optionally in the browser so that the user can choose to put it in their paste buffer and handle it that way?  Do you think the feature has any merit?

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