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airvpn under attack from IP blocker services?

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Brightcloud is one such service systematically blacklisting and blocking airvpn IP addresses for logins.


Websites ranging from big international like ba.com or ihg.com to locals like ricardo, anibis, petitesannonces.


You can browse these web sites, but not log into these web sites. If you manage to log in, nothing can be posted.


IP's affected are all Swiss, Belgian, Norwegian, Spanish.


Right now if I want to browse the net logged into sites, I need to deactivate airvpn. Very frustrating! It's been ongoing for a few weeks. You get either a message saying bad IP, IP is blocked, or a form such as http://www.brightcloud.com/tools/change-request-ip-reputation.php


What's up AVPN?


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It's as you say - they block VPN IP addresses.  They don't want you getting cheaper rates by changing your location.  They, reasonably, want to be able to track you in case of fraud.  There are many good reasons why us users should put ourselves in the shoes of the business and compromise a little at times.


On the other hand, I have no problem with bypassing a Netflix blockage because my billing address is USA.  So, if I want USA library I should get it.

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