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I am using a paid hotspot to connect to the internet (no wps), but sometimes the connection breaks and reconnect without asking me to log in what obligige me to use the network lock.
Now the problem i use chrome and other programs protected with the network lock, unfortunately every 24 hours the hotspot oblige me to log in (not possible with network lock) , also sometimes when the connection breaks.Same problem not possible with the network lock enabled to log in to the hotspot, meaning for security i have to kill all my programs connected to the (broken) internet by vpn.
Disable  the network lock , start  Firefox to log in again to the hotspot, re-enable airvpn  ,the net lock, finding a server, reopen my inet programs, if unlucky restart broken downloads.and so on.......You can imagine i  would like to find a solution for this annoying situation
And now my questions (better late than never)  

is it possible to allow Firefox to connect directly to the internet without vpn and the network lock,and of corse without taking risk my other programs are exposed to the hotpot ip.




 better late than never


better late than neverbetter late than never



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