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Wondering about technical viability of an idea (regarding DNS)

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I'm not an expert on networks, and VPNs add a layer of complexity to the subject, so I had an idea but I don't even know whether that idea is possible or not:


I have a Pi-Hole DNS server in my home network. At the LAN level, everything communicates with the Pi-Hole for DNS purposes (router uses the Pi-Hole as nameserver and DHCP clients are instructed to submit DNS requests to router).

If I get the Pi-Hole to operate through AirVPN, nothing will change on the LAN side, but would it be possible for me to, for example, go outside with my smartphone (which also connects to AirVPN) and have the phone use my home network Pi-Hole for DNS purposes?

I mean, both the Pi-Hole and smartphone would be connected to the AirVPN network of servers, is there a way for my Pi-Hole to provide DNS service to my VPNed devices when I take them outside my home?


I understand this could get complicated, but I like learning through challenge. That being said, please be clear in your explanations.

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No, it's not possible. Each VPN connection is independent so there's no way to reach your Pi-Hole from within AirVPN's network.

The only way to do that would be by forwarding a port to your Pi-Hole but I highly advise against that unless you want to delve into networking and firewalling!

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Ah, bummer. Kinda wanted to take the benefits of PiHole with me everywhere I go, especially to cut down on ad-related bandwidth consumption on 4G. Guess I'm sticking with android Firefox using uBlock Origin then!


Thanks for the feedback.

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