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Setting up AirVPN on QNAP 4.3.x -

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Hi folks... I'm currently using QNAP 4.2.5 and using the stock VPN Client (and updating various files in QNAP system - can't remember how I did this all now hence this post).


Now that AirVPN provides IPv6 support I want to update my cerificate/config (perhaps I don't need to and this is taken care of by the AirVPN servers?)


So, if I DO need to update my connection, can anyone advise how to do this on QNAP 4.3.x which I believe introduces a new VPN client (QVPN Service?). And if it actually works? I've been reluctant to upgrade the QNAP version as previously had to roll back as couldn't get the AirVPN working.


***edit* oh and also which process to use to generate the VPN certificate/files from AirVPN too... sorry...


Hope someone can point me in the right direction...


Thanks in advance!

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Well... I decided to bit the bullet and go for 4.3.4 and AirVPN works a treat. No scripts to update, just installed QVPN Client on QNAP, generated a .ovpn from Client Area of AirVPN (Linux) and loaded on QNAP (didn't get asked for password as I guess it reads that in the ovpn file. All hunky dory. I actually just used the IPv4 version despite my claims above and when checking on ipleak.net shows I'm as secure as a hidden bug in a rug... Now my only issue is updating all the apps on QNAP as the upgrade changes the firmware architecture from x86 to x64.

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