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Status of Eddie on Linux distributions

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Last update: 16 May 2018 - Related to version: Eddie 2.14.4

Any Linux distribution has at least:
  • a different graphics server (X11, Wayland)
  • a different desktop environment (GNOME, KDE, LXTE etc.)
  • a package manager with a specific format (deb, rpm, tar.xf etc.)
  • a different packaging signature for trust and security
  • a different method to obtain administrative privileges, required by advanced features of Eddie (also because OpenVPN requires them)
  • a different set of packages used by our client, that sometimes have different names (for example 'stunnel4' under Debian, 'stunnel' for Fedora)
  • maybe a different DNS management.
We are working at our best to support every kind of configuration managed by our source code directly, when possible.

Tested without known issues

  • Debian (tested 7/8/9)
  • Ubuntu (18.04 GNOME tested)
  • Ubuntu Mate (18.04 tested)
  • Devuan (tested Ascii)
  • Mint
  • Arch (XFCE tested)
  • Fedora (28 tested)

With minimal issues

  • openSUSE (Tumbleweed KDE tested)
    openSUSE (Tumbleweed GNOME tested)
      Works, with no tray icon.
  • Elementary
      Works, but tray icon, web and folder links don't work.

Fatal issues

None known.

Tech notes

  • Sometimes Tray icon works, but it is not shown because the desktop environment hides it.
    For example, latest GNOME may require a separate shell extension (generally TopIcons).
  • Currently Eddie 2.x under Linux requires root privileges (like GParted or Synaptic Manager).
    Elevation is generally obtained with a polkit policy file (pkexec) if installed, otherwise fallback methods are used when available (gksu, kdesu, beesu etc.).

    When the UI runs as root, there are four -optional- actions that are performed as normal user: tray icon, notifications, open web links and open file folders.
    If it is not possible to act as a normal user, such actions are not performed at all.

    A totally separated UI (as a normal user) vs. root-actions (as root user, service or separate process) is currently under development.

Needed improvements

  • Minimal lintian warnings on .deb edition
  • General info details on .deb edition (for example, reporting Proprietary as License, not true.)
  • General info details on .rpm edition (for example, reporting Proprietary as License, not true.)
  • Create official package for AUR and other distributions.
  • Create packages also for CLI-only edition.
  • Create packages based on direct source compilation.
  • Procedures to include Eddie in official/standard repository

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