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Alternative Solution to Eddie

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Hi, I am in the middle of producing a router / gateway device using a SBC (a Banana BPI R2 board) and want to see if I could find an alternative to Eddie.

I am intending to provide functionality via SSH and a browser based interface (using the Webmin project) and am interested to find a solution that can be used as a Webmin module.

I realise that I could use a precompiled image of openWRT for this project but seeing that I am already intending to Webmin (on a Debian (Stretch) base, I would like to minimise the amount of browser interfaces needed.

My main intention is to allow the user / administrator to easily import their .ovpn configuration file directly into a browser based interface and then activate that configuration.

I have seen many openVPN server interfaces for use within a browser (including an existing module for Webmin) but have yet to find any interfaces to interact with OpenVPN as a client.

My main provisions for this setup are as follows:
A. To provide a tool (ie router) to provide secure Internet access via either Ethernet or Wifi access points.
B. To allow the user / administrator the ability to configure Wifi access points easily (via an interface that controls hostapd)
C. To allow the user / administrator the ability to configure a iptables based firewall easily (via an interface that controls shorewall)
D. To allow the user / administrator the ability to view and monitor all existing devices that are connected (via either Ethernet or WiFi)  to the router / gateway device (using Nagios or a similar alternative).
E. To provide the user / administrator access to import and activate / deactivate ovpn files via a simple interface
F. To allow the user / administrator the ability to create a secure tunnel so that their users could connect to the internal infrastructure via the Internet (either using openVPN or more preferable, using IPSecs).

I can already implement points A,B,C,D and F within my exisiting Webmin configuration / setup but can't find a solution for point E.

If anybody does have some suggestions, then I would love to hear from them (I will be releasing the final disc / EMMC / SD image via a GPL compatible EULA upon completion of the project).

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Untangle already does that, is based on Debian and runs on some routers.



OpenWRT does all of the above but with manual server address field.

A Luci module to get an uploaded file and parse it is not hard to implement.


Not sure why you want to reinvent the wheel with a dead project like Webmin, but

in this case you should write/ask for a module for that.

Hint: it won't be easy, even the official 3d party modules page returns 404:


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Thanks for the information zhang888, there are a few thing that I would like to go over.

Firstly, Webmin is not dead, the developer of this project is still providing updates on a regular basis (see Webmin changelogs -- URL provided below). The last major update was provided on March 4th.

Secondly, I have noticed that the official 3d party modules page is down at the moment, but it does this seem that various parts of this site go down (and then come back up) quiet frequently (I suspect that this is due to bad management of the website).

Thirdly, it doesn't seem that Untangle provide any .deb / .rpm (or any repositories) for ARM v7-A / ARM HF architecture.


* Webmin Changelog Documentation

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