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I have an issue with my home network.


I have an ASUS RT-AC87U router.


I use Expressvpn on the router with polcy routing.


My Mac is connected straight to the WAN but I use AirVPN'd client Eddie.


I have had no issues with either Expressvpn or AirVPN.


Last night I spent serveral hours on my universities website doing work. At the end of the night I decided to just check everything was running ok with the VPN connections.


I found no matter what I did (clear caches, delete cookies, check my dns settings, renew the lease etc) this problem persists.


My iPhone uses the Expressvpn (openvpn in the router) and my mac uses the AirVPN client eddie.


When I run the ipleak.net test I receive 100 DNS errors.


I have not changed any settings in the router whatsoever. I've changed nothing.


See the screenshots ... (Sweden is AirVPN, US is Expressvpn)


Obviously the error is being caused within my router, which I have restarted and checked for a ASUS-WRT Merlin update).

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other people are reporting the same thing in the ipleak section of this forum.  so, it's probably just a problem with the website.


Edit by LZ1: https://airvpn.org/topic/25117-ip-leak-test/?p=69802


ahhh thanks, that did cross my mind considering I hadn't changed any settings and the problem occurs with seperate VPN services and different browsers on different devices.


Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it.

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