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Tap adapter question

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I had been having some connection speed drops, so one of the first things i did was update my network drivers. My on-board NIC had an update and TAP adapter still the same. My connection drops on vpn connected traffic went as far down as 50 Mbps sometimes.


Anyway, i was fiddling around and then something hit me... I went to Windows 10 Network Center, through the control panel, and looked up the indicated speed over the individual adapters. I noticed that my on-board NIC had the speed on 1Gbps which is normal, but the TAP-Windows adapter V9 had a indicated network speed of 100Mbps. The next day it was 10Mbps for a few hours... Here i was thinking, maybe i can manually set it to 1Gbps (TAP adapter) through the device manager just like with the NIC adapter there (which is on automatic), but that was not possible as far as the properties window went.


So here's my situation. I have a 200/20 Mbps (down/up) speed, but with Airvpn connected through Eddie i only get 110Mbps down on a good day. That is on any given server, though i mainly connect to Dutch servers (The Netherlands). Is it possible to bump the network adapter speed up to 1Gbps, instead of 100Mbps (or automatic)? If not, is there anything else i can do to get the most out of my connection speed?


I am not expecting to get the full 200Mbps on vpn, but at least a speed high than 110Mbps on a reasonably 'average' population server and load through Eddie. I did read some guides here on the forums, but none of those actually managed to help me thus far.

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Since, there is no reply back or there is no easy answer to this. Let me try to re-phrase this.


Is there a way to make (or force) the Windows (OpenVPN?) Tap Adapter run faster than 100Mbps?

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The 10mbps on the tap adapter means nothing you can ignore that


Your hardware and routing to the vpn server is the limit

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