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IPV6 Leakage with OpenVPN

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I have a question about IPV6 and OpenVPN.  I have recently setup OpenVPN on my Netgear R7800 using Lede.  After that I began some testing for DNS/IP leakage.  I discovered ipleak.net.  Fantastic tool.  Here are some of my results


IPV4 address - 104.194.x.x  No forwarded IP detected. If you are using a proxy, it's a transparent proxy.


IPV6 address - 2601:282:100:13d1:2986:96ca:4976:19d3 No forwarded IP detected. If you are using a proxy, it's a transparent proxy.


Geo Location: Denver, CO  I am concerned that this IPV6 address is giving up my location since it is indeed accurate on that count.  My DHCP leases for all my computers appear to be variations of this address.  


​One more caveat - The IPv6 address of my cable modem is different still from all these.  2001:558:6040:7e:b8b6:4b27:1b14:fc4


So the question is - Since my cable modem is getting an IPV6 address from my ISP and my router is also dishing out IPV6 addresses how can I tell if I'm protected?  All my ISP needs is my IP address to monitor me.  They may not be able to do it with my IPV4 address but they might still be able to do it with IPV6.

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