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You Don’t Understand How the Internet Works

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Fortunately, I am not one of the human livestock owned by US corporations, but they try to impose their powers on the rest of the world.

I was just reading:

"Net neutrality repeal based on false description of Internet, inventors say"


which has some good links and comments.



which has some familiar names for those from the global industry.


So the Internet.US can be monetized for telco carriers by making it work just like cable TV, with customer subscription packages, and deals with limited content providers. VPNs do not maximize profits and brainwashing power, so need for specific targeting. Forward to the past.



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Not telecommunications? Really? Tell that to the literally hundreds of millions of people having to pay "taxes" for a VoIP telephone service. I demand a refund since I was clearly charged for something never provided.

Debugging is at least twice as hard as writing the program in the first place.

So if you write your code as clever as you can possibly make it, then by definition you are not smart enough to debug it.

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Yes, sad day in american history. I have been attacked by Trump supporters simply for describing the bill as written on paper. They think this is some kind of conspiracy. I don't really know what's wrong with their brains. Being angry and stupid must be a chore.


The good thing about America, what few things I can still attach to and call myself  "proud," is that states have quite a lot of punch when it comes to state rights, regardless of what your pseudo-libertarian online militia jerkoff will tell you. The South has more or less dismantled the Voter Rights Act, some states have legalized marijuana and are giving the drug war the boot, and without a doubt California, Washington and other tech centers with heavy anti-Trump voter bases  will fight this stuff to the end.  I am wondering how ISPs will function when they aren't allowed to freely administer their own infrastructure in these aforementioned states. It's rather lost from history, but American munipalities have voted to forcibly take control of corrupt corporate infrastructures (often paid for by American labor exploits and tax dollars in the first place) many times before when it benefits the greater good. In any case, the USA is over. At least the United part is.

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Saw this and had to add my 2 cents.  OF COURSE the Internet is a telecommunications backbone.  We could argue about whether "telecommunications" is the 100% proper term but the Internet is used in the same manner as the over one hundred years old worldwide telephone networks.  In fact, a portion of many internet transactions (data exchanges) run on telephone networks.  My cell phone, with wifi off, certainly doesn't magically connect to my cable internet modem to let me visit you tube.  At least it better not!


This Pie Are Squared dude disappeared after his "success" killing the US internet; he's reviled and probably committed career suicide, a sane administration would have laughed him back into obscurity.   Good thing is, many states are working on legislation to overturn anti-neutrality and federal lawsuits are coming soon. 


There are so many transactions done via. the Internet that are identical to those done by phone and many of those done by phone were originally done via. Internet, the two are now essentially indistinguishable.  US Internet speed, consistency and reliability are awful in general and won't improve if someone with tunnel vision living in an area of the country with fantastic speeds makes decisions that affect everyone.    

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