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AirVPN on Android (finding best server)

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Hello everybody,

i am using Eddi on my Computer and everything works fine. But on my mobile phone, the conections takes sometimes a lot of time.
I saved 2 files via the config generator (one is all of Asia nd one is all of Europe), so I guess openvpn tests each server as long as it finds a one which works and connects, nevertheless if its a good (fast) one or not.
Is there a better way to find a decent server and maybe keep that one for long time?

Thank you very much for your help!

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OpenVPN doesn't run tests to check which config u added is better. However, it uses the last config you added.


I had a similar problem, where Eddie on windows used to work flawlessly and the openVpn on my mobile( iphone 6plus) was slow with high ping.

i fixed it with:

choosing a specific server configuration and choosing the closest one to where i live (Bulgaria), and another one in Netherlands. I tested both of them and the one in Bulgaria had a very low ping and high speed, but unfortunately, i guess there is a problem in the server where the server disconnects every 2--10mins

but the one in the Netherlands was excellent, higher ping but good speed and never disconnects.


Nevertheless, u have to keep in mind that speeds while using windows differ while using a smartphone cuz of the slower cpu the phone has.

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Air works great on my Android. Other providers are going to have the same problems that you are having. The key is you just have to find the best server, protocol, and port for your provider. Hint: SSL/443 works great with T-Mobile. They seem to throttle a lot of protocols and ports but that gets past them. The configuration isn't too bad either despite AirVPN saying SSL is unsupported on Android. A couple other bonuses are that port and protocol are usually open on any public WiFi, even the most restrictive ones. Another great thing is when you switch connections, the old one doesn't hang on for a long time like with say UDP.

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