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I'm necroing this thread because I'm also having issues with 'mycanal.fr'. No stream works when using AirVPN while direct connections works (I'm in France), they are obviously doing IP-blocking.


Maybe someone can tell me what domain needs to be whitelisted?


I can't even try to use a french server since they are all gone for political reasons it seems... By the way, in that case why is there is so many servers for NSA's homeland? What is different between US and France exactly?


If possible could someone from AirVPN tell me when a french server will become available again? Even if it's not an anonymous server, honestly the DGSE can mirror my TV stream all they wish if they want to pirate CANAL+, lol.


Thank you for your help!

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It is also to be expected that geoblock bypassing will continue to become more difficult.


As for France, because France has been in a state of emergency and the US hasn't. While also potentially extending logging to datacenters.


No one knows when we'll see French ones again. Naturally, it depends on the situation in France. It's futile to ask Air to put forth anything new, as any location must comply with Airs requirements.

Moderators do not speak on behalf of AirVPN. Only the Official Staff account does. Please also do not run Tor Exit Servers behind AirVPN, thank you.
Did you make a guide or how-to for something? Then contact me to get it listed in my new user guide's Guides Section, so that the community can find it more easily.

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Hello! And thank you for your response.


You are right, it must be linked to that. We are no longer in a state of emergency, but a law has been made to keep the data flowing to french services anyway (though it was partly censored by the constitutional court, I don't know what it is looking like now). Yet if this is the only reason, I find that approach a little... naive. Yes it was decreed by law in France but since Snowden leaks we know well that the US do exactly the same unofficially... Oh well I'm sure AirVPN have its reasons. (Technical counter-measures they aren't allowed to deploy in France?)


I saw your link and I wonder if IPv6 could allow AirVPN to give each user a unique exit IP to defeat this new blocking strategy. Though they say AirVPN allowing to bypass geoblocking isn't one of their goals but a side effect, I think this new service would be a valid addition to their objective of protecting net neutrality.


Other than that, good news! I found an easy way to fix the problem myself (for now at least):

- Open "mycanal.fr" in Edge with the network logger on (F12 key)

- Start a stream

- Find what connection give back an HTTP error

- Whitelist the domain in question (if it has a number, use the command line "nslookup <domain>" to try and find every numbered domains that exists)


For MyCanal I found that:

- hss-m001-live-aka-canalplus.akamaized.net
- hss-m002-live-aka-canalplus.akamaized.net
- hss-m003-live-aka-canalplus.akamaized.net
- hss-m004-live-aka-canalplus.akamaized.net
- hss-m005-live-aka-canalplus.akamaized.net
- hss-m006-live-aka-canalplus.akamaized.net
- hss-m007-live-aka-canalplus.akamaized.net


Now the website is working. The MyCanal app works too, a good thing, otherwise using a software to trace its connections would have been tedious.


I hope it could help someone else.

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