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Hi all,


I've been having issues with the latency tests lately using Eddie v. 2.11.15 on MacOS 10.12.3.


The first issue is that while the latency test used to be super fast (<15 sec), now they are taking forever to be done (~>45 seconds), making me wait before I can effectively connect to a server.


Even worse, the server list now only shows dots (.....) instead of latency times in the latency column. The list of servers therefore does not update itself and is left in alphabetical order.


Last but not least, when I click on "connect to recommended server", authentification fails on the first attempt before succeeding on the second every time, making me wait an additional 30-45 seconds before I am connected. My connection then works as usual, but it's a pain not being able to know which servers are best for me and also having to wait so long before I can browse the net safely.


Anyone happen to have the same problem and maybe a solution to go along with it ?





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Hey all,


I've just been told by support that an update for Eddie will be coming out in the next few days, which will probably fix this issue.


I'll let you know what's up once the update is out!

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same problem on Linux Mint mate 17. using eddie 2.11.15.

I don't know why. also many times I'm unable to connect to some server i chose, mainly NL.

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Good news ! All problems are fixed with the new beta release of eddie 2.12.2

Go to the downloads page and click other versions, then experimental in order to get it.

Thanks for the rapid fix devs, you're the best !!

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