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Why can't pfSense be as easy to setup with AirVPN as ASUSWRT?

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I have both ASUS and pfSense routers. After a year of trying to get pfSense to work I am considering giving up.

My ASUS router is okay, it is very easy to setup, I only have one complaint and that is that there is no kill switch, it automatically sends stuff encrypted when the VPN tunnel is not up.

I was wondering why pfSense can't be as easy to get running as the instructions on the ASUS router are see https://airvpn.org/asuswrt/

I was wondering if someone knows how to set it up that way and if I can THEN(after I know that it is up and working) set rules for a killswitch?


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You actually can get it working in far fewer steps than are in my guide, but you are not 100% protected from leaks. My guide goes the extra mile to knock out a number of other basic privacy and security precautions.


pfSense also can get much higher speeds through the VPN since almost any pc equipment will be much more powerfull than a consumer router.

Have my guides helped you? Help me keep helping you, use my referral: userbar.png

How to set up pfSense 2.3 for AirVPN

Friends don't let friends use consumer networking equipment!

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