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the .ovpn files from http://www.vpngate.net

do not come with separated .certs and .key files, which are necessary to import them with nm-applet.

nm-applet is the little GUI network manager tool in the system tray of debian and other Linuces.



Now, the trick is simply to open, say, the downloaded vpngate_60.86.245.141_udp_1456.ovpn

with a text editor and extract the 3 ASCII sections into 3 separate text files:


ca.crt       (changes like daily)





That's it ! Now import the .oVPN file from nm-applet GUI (add vpn ... from menu , create vpn with .ovpn-file etc.)


and set those 3 certs and key. save it & you are good to go!


This is the same procedure, incidentally, which you follow to set up an AirVPN, except these ship with crt & key separated already.

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one had to renew ca.cert twice a day or so. Would be nice to have a bash script using sed or awk to separate the certs and key and launch


ovpn --config WORKS-NOW-ovpn


else one can do it in a text editor manually. But it becomes tedious after doing it 20 times...




The inconvenience is only on outdated systems like Debian Jessie in 2017. Rolling release Linuxes (Arch, Manjaro, etc.) have a nice new openvpn attached to nm-applet doing it all automated with 1 click or so with the downed .ovpn file.


vpn gate offers some hosts with 30+ days lifetime before a 1-click re-import of the .ovpn file becomes necessary. But by THAT TIME you don't wanna use it any longer all on your own already ...   


speed is quite good (mostly) for a free service...  

try get a server on your continent for max speed.

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