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Can I stream Netflix in another country using the VPN?

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Next month, I am having a business trip to Trinidad, Caribbean islands. I am a regular viewer of Netflix shows. Though I don't have an account, I share my girlfriend's accounts for watching. She doesn't watch much. 


I want to be able to watch shows on Netflix in Trinidad. I am thinking about using the AIRVPN. Will I be able to stream Netflix using the VPN?


Next is I would like to know if sharing the Netflix account on two IPs can cause a problem? I found an article saying that it is a crime to share Netflix. http://www.torontodefencelawyers.com/blog/is-it-a-crime-to/crime-share-netflix-password/ We are living together and access Netflix from the same modem, but when I try to access it in another country using a VPN, would that cause any issues?


Please give your suggestion and advice.

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Welcome to AirVPN!


Netflix is no longer officially supported, since (I suppose) Air thinks it can't reliably provide a connection through to Netflix and thus it would be misleading to say it's supported. Netflix has been on a campaign of blocking VPN-usage, so I think it's honestly hard to say whether or not you'll have access. Perhaps if you're lucky, you will, but I wouldn't bank on it . Instead, it would be wise to download some of the movies or content you want access to, ahead of time if possible. Whether through Bittorent or other ways. I don't use Netflix myself - but don't they have an offline viewing mode? Perhaps you could download some stuff then.


I'm tempted to say that when it's Netflix + sharing, then of course anything can be a problem haha. Nearly everything is a crime these days...

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Actually, Netflix does *NOT* want to block VPNs. But Netflix is required by their contracts with the big media owners to "protect" their content from unauthorized users, and for years now they have been basically blaming VPN users for every lost sale ever. Netflix actually has been down this road many times, and really has no good options. They either lose some customers using VPNs, or they get sued by the big media trolls who own the content.


It literally requires exactly one user on any VPN to set a precedent that we are all "stealing" their content. I would not be the least bit surprised if the media trolls do it themselves just so they can sue and demand action be taken.


What I have done in the past is this.

1. Subscribe to Netflix without the VPN running.

2. Peruse the content and make a list of what I want to see.

3. Reconnect to the VPN and download everything from sources that work with the VPN.

4. Watch and delete everything from the list.


So long as everything happens while I am still subscribed to Netflix, then it is debatable if there is any theft happening.

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With Netflix and similar services, you are not the owner of the content, you are a subscriber that has a temporary access to the paid content based on

their ToS, such as account location, current GeoIP location and so on. This is why sharing an account might be considered a violation of this ToS, not a

crime as you described it, but more of a civil case if they would really like to take it further. That is on the ToS and it's their right, just like you cannot legally

rent a movie you bought elsewhere.


You can use AirVPN as long as it works but these are your actions, if you are familiar with their ToS and do not violate it,  its your own responsibility whatever

you decide to do with your subscription. A VPN provider cannot prevent such activities, just like it cannot prevent potentially illegal copyrighted file sharing.

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i would not recommend sharing a netflix account as you can potentially expose your self to liability i do not know the laws of Trinidad also many people will suggest copyright infringement such as downloading from the pirate bay or any other illegal website i do not recommend this as it is important to follow copyright law and purchase the entertainment you download


downloading a Linux ISO is legal


downloading an unauthorized file without the copyright holders permission is not legal

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Connected to a Netherlands server, then connected to Netflix only to get the Netflix proxy error when tried to play a movie. It seems AirVPN has given up trying to evade Netflix, disappointing.

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