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headless ubuntu 16.04 server on raspberry pi 3 with openvpn

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I am running a headless ubuntu server v16.04 on raspberry pi,  everything works fine.


Now I am trying to setup openvpn client with AirVpn, can anybody provide some instructions on how to do it ? 

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if yer dialing in from ssh blah blah you can run the commands

# nohup stunnel "airvpnserver.ssl" --auth-nocache &

wait a sec then hit enter

# nohup openvpn --config "airvpnserver.ovpn" --auth-nocache &


to check if stuff is purren do a curl or nslookup or ps aux | grep stunnel/openvpn


plus search the forums here for your iptables firewall


i'm not kidding and i know this is kinda lame but i literally struggled with ssh for a while

getting the server and vpn goin was fine, a bit of a curve but for some reason i kept brain farting

on ssh, plus i forgot to mention if your server has a domain name to it like yer on a vps off your local

you'll have to config a couple of things in there, i used to remember what it was, zhang told me one time

haven't done it in a while but it helps point the domain name to your server if it's behind the vpn


i used to run as example 'inbredbrainfart.com' and had it behind airvpn can't even remember which hosting

company had at the time, anyway yeah there's some stuff to fiddle with in there to get it to 'forward' the domain

name to your airpvn ip which is parked at your hosting company's ip, think i said that right anyway hope this helps


hang in there and just keep googling and searching the forums here, every day i learn something from here



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I installed openvpn and generated the opvn configuration file.


after running "sudo openvpn AirVpn*****.ovpn", connection was made, ( actually I can see the client showing up under my account ). but I could not ping, curl or whatever. what am I missing ? dnsmasq ? I did not even apply killswitch yet.


You are suggesting to use SSL tunneling, what is the advantage there other than my ISP won't be able to know I am talking to AirVpn ?

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i don't know anything about the airvpn gui

lots of info online about openvpn ssl



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paulyan, by default connection to OpenVPN makes default route via it, so you can't simply login to your device. You can login to your device from the same network (where route doesn't change) or you should modify routes, e.g. just for ssh.

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