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Eddie is closed/disconnected: No internet connection AT ALL

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I have this problem which is not going away since I installed Eddie.
It occurs with stable Eddie 2.10 and the new 2.11.3 beta.

Installed new windows 10 x64, no anti-virus software whatsoever, only windows firewall and windows defender (I somehow can't deactive windows defender)
I did not changed windows firewall settings. The mainboard got only 1 ethernet port. Router is working with no errors.
I did not configure the router - just installed and it worked 100%.

Cut to the chase:
Case 1:
- My internet connection is only working, when Eddie is running and I'm connected to an airvpn-server.
Whether Windows firewall is running or not, doesn't matter. Whether network lock is enabled/disabled doesn't matter.
With this, I can do everything: browse internet, listen to internet radio stream, play online games.

Case 2:
- Eddie is running but not connected to an airvpn server, network lock is deactivated; windows firewall enabled/disabled
The tap-windows-adapter V9, which was installed during the Eddie installation, is disconnected (windows diagnosis: Ethernet cable is not connected).
I can't browse website, listen to internet radio BUT I can play my online game unreal tournament 2004.
Peculiar: I can't browse or whatsoever, BUT whenever I try to load a website, the orange mainboard LED (ethernet port) begins to blink - this means it's up and working.
The green LED is always on, indicating that the hardware is working.


Case 3:
- Eddie is closed, windows firewall enabled/disabled.
Same result as in case 2, except again: UT2k4.


Eddie is starting with windows.
Even when I disable autostart and windows starts without eddie, I get same result as in case 2/3.

As I already mentioned, there is one strange exception: it's the online game I play, u2k4.
In case 2/3, I start the game, I go to the ingame tab "Servers" and the game is showing me the ut2004-servers, up and running, so I can connect to them and play online.
But the even strager thing is: case 2/3 with network locked disabled (ofc. I need to disable network lock when Eddie is up and running, or else every traffic would got blocked).
I start the game, go to "Join Game" and the "news feed" is showing me that the game can't connect to the "UT2k4  Master Server" -> "Querying Master Server: The UT2004 master server could not be reached. Please try again later."
This normally means that I'm offline and can't connect, but as already mentioned: In the other tab, servers are shown to me and I can play online.

So I thought that windows firewall/eddie set up some strange internet connection rules.
I checked the windows firewall setting and reseted them to the default settings, but nothing changed.
I checked HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\SharedAccess\Parameters\FirewallPolicy\FirewallRules, there are ~100 registry keys.
But as mentioned: I did not change anything.

I think this is not how this Eddie is supposed to work.

thanks in advance

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Thanks for responding.
Well, I know what a dns is but I haven't changed any settings.

I found a solution: deinstalling the "TAP-Windows Adapter V9".
But without it, airvpn won't work.

An option in Eddie, to tell him that I want use the the dns-setting I got from my isp?

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