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Hi there!


I'm new to AirVPN, and I've been using it at college on my Mac for the last month or so with great success.


I'm trying to torrent with the Transmission client, and it's not working. According to Preferences, the default Listening Port (51413) is closed. My understanding after a little research is that colleges keep their networks locked pretty tight and tend to close off all unnecessary ports (please correct me if I'm wrong), so it would only make sense that after scanning all of the ports on the network though a web service, there isn't a single one open (I only scanned up through 2048). 


However, when I tried rescanning connected to the VPN, ports 88 and 89 were open (again, only ones I saw below 2048).

I briefly tried port 88 in Transmission, which verified it was open, and did begin receiving the torrent I was trying.


My question is this: is it safe to use either port 88 or 89 in this manner?

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​Your going about this in reverse. You want to log in Airvpn.org then go to "client area" then "forwarded ports". Pick an open port number.  Remember this port number to for transmission. Your network you connect to, aka your college, it doesn't need forwarded ports, or open ports. So a port scan wont help you. use port 443, or 80. You only need forwarded ports at the exit node which is AirVPN. that forwarded port will benefit transmission once you connect.


Now to address the next issue, not getting connected to airVPN from college wifi. Since your on a mac download the AirVPN eddie client for the mac. Once you have that installed go to preferences --> protocols --> bubble, SSL Tunnel. then click save.  After all that, you should have your port you picked out, forwarded on every AirVPN server and you will be able to connect pass most College WIFI restrictions.

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