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simplified P2P/Torrenting (no tin foil hat)

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I'm new to VPN, but I am tech savy~ish, and I am looking for an answer to torrenting from work.


I'm currently using some other, inferior  , VPN service, and the root of my question is:



What do I need to ONLY avoid my bosses receiving copyright-downloading-warning emails.

I don't care if the NSA is watching my browse the internet, I don't care is hackers are using my credit cards around the world, I don't care about being a ghost and phantoming around cyber-space.

I only want to ensure that the next time I grab the latest Tame of Ghrones episode, I don't have to worry about the corperate internet service being disable on the account of mine downloading.


My torrent client has a network select and ip binding, and it works correctly, so I knoe that if my VPN cuts out I won't have any leaks


there is a TON of information on being a phantom in cyber-space, and how to keep the NSA out of your life; but very little information on foiling your ISP from knoeing what you are using the internet for.


I mean, I can assume that just using a VPN I am masking what I am using the internet for; because over the last 3 days I have been testing out my new VPN by downloading a number of things that I thought my ISP would flag, including a couple of episode that I have previously been flag for.

Nothing in the company email yet, concerning the downloading.

I'm currently seeding these now, and I will do so for a couple more days (still in my 7 day trial with ivacy VPN)


will update this post when I knoe that seeding is still safe. (Seeding is the REAL illegal part)





is the VPN all I need to foil my ISP.

is it safe to use ONLY PPTP.


do I NEED encryption? (128bit and 256bit options)






I knoe it is based on your VPN provider, but I feel like there needs to be more info regarding what is needed to only foil your ISP, obviously if the NSA has trouble seeing your activity, your probably not going to have to worry about your ISP, but that takes head room, and with file sharing I want speed.



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download our free and open source client software, enable Network Lock, connect to a VPN server and run your torrent client.


To increase performance of a torrent client follow the dedicated guide, you can find it in the FAQ answers (it involves remote port forwarding). It will also let you seed properly, even initial seeding of course.


Subject treated in hundreds of posts, topic locked.


Kind regards

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