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Ethernet Adapter DNS is after disconnecting from AirVPN

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I have been running AirVPN on this machine without issue for over 2 years.  I have my Wireless adapter disabled and only use my Ethernet adapter.


Today, when I disconnected from AirVPN, my Ethernet adapter could see everything on my network but could not access the Internet.


After troubleshooting, it I've found that the DNS is set to even when disconnected from AirVPN.


If I manually change it in the Adapter IPv4 settings (to either dynamic or, it does not take effect.  I perform an ipconfig /all and the DNS is still  If I reboot the computer, same thing.


Again, this just started happening today and I made no changes to my machine.



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I've rebooted everything.  Also tried flushing DNS cache.  But for whatever reason the DNS is "stuck" on my Ethernet adapter.  No matter what I set it to in the IPv4 settings, it doesn't change.

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You have to contact your ISP to automatically re-set your modem.

Just tell them you can not make a connection and the ISP will re-set your modem properties.


Then do the ipconfig and write down the ISP's DNS(s).

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"Resetting the modem" does not make any sense.  I can connect fine through my wireless connection.  It is only the ethernet connection which has the DNS "stuck" at  

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The Problem is you never mentioned your wireless adapter works in your first statement.

You mentoned  that your Ethernet adapter ONLY WAS NOT WORKING.

If you WOULD have mentioned your wireless adapter was working; I would not have made that statement.

Then something wrong with your Ethernet adapter to where it will not correct itself.

As for analyzing your Ethernet adapter; I do not have the technical skills to advise on how to use the device manager on fixing your Ethernet adapter.

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just manually change the DNS back to automatic if you are not connected to VPN at the time.  it should revert back to automatic (from when Eddie disconnects but sometimes there's a hiccup.

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