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Question about VPN and being anoymous

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wouldn't marketing vpns as anonymous be misleading due to the nature of the Internet and that it is actually impossible to achieve anonymity even with tor

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Lets say that billy has a website. He is unexperienced with building websites and so on. Then Mike visits his website with a VPN on. Mike lives in Germany, however his VPN shows that he "lives" in the netherlands. Mike told billy that he is a fag, and now billy wants to sue mike. However, the police only has the IP from the VPN.


To answer your question:

If a average user wants to know who you really are, then you are safe. However, if the FBI searches for you, then a VPN won't help you.

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Most VPN providers that claim "100% anonymous" in their website/marketing campaigns should be avoided

because of many reasons. When a service has good technical features it doesn't need to throw buzzwords

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Hello !


You might want to check  https://www.goldenfrog.com/blog/myths-about-vpn-logging-and-anonymity



  • Because a VPN allows you to use "Public Wi-Fi" without fear of being watched. Public Wi-fi are those wireless networks with no passwords, which you can log into. Such as in Cafes.
  • Because your internet traffic gets an extra layer of "encryption", which is a kind of digital lock. You'd lock your house or car wouldn't you? So why not your internet traffic too?
  • Because VPNs allow you to access/view/download/watch things on the web which are blocked in your country, by making it look like you actually come from a different country.
  • Because your ISP (Internet Service Provider), government, companies and others are very curious about what you do online and are tracking you; even though it's not their business.
  • Because your privacy and security matters; regardless of if you have anything to "hide" or not. Just like you have curtains in a house.
  • Because VPN connections can in some cases allow for a more stable and fast connection, due to you using the VPN providers hardware/software.

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I read an AirVPN interview in torrentfreak.com review, concerning VPN provider' anonymity. So, AirVPN doesn't keep any logs. All we can do is believe theirs words and enjoy the most reliable service 

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