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AirVPN Month Long Experiment: Findings

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I decided to give this service a whirl after my go to provider decided to drop Bitcoin payments after only a 2-3 month acceptance of them. To date I've had zero issues with this service, other than the occasional slow server but that's the internet and we have to live with it. I really appreciate the stance on privacy, neutrality, etc and the forces mustered against us that are constantly growing. Servers seem well placed and available whenever I need one to my liking.


I've tried many others, 7 I think, for various reasons and Co. placement but it comes down to the overall package for me and as such I will be keeping this service and resist my usual urge to hop around trying out others. No service is perfect, period, but AirVPN has struck a great balance and now have me as a permanent customer.


The only things I would wish for were a few more locations such as Norway, Hungary, and maybe 1 other but that's quibbling I guess. It takes money to design, implement and maintain such an undertaking so one can only hope for those locations in the future.


In the end, thanks guys for the hard work, you stance and position, and for providing us a great service


p.s  I love that Arch has an actual pkg avail via AUR, nice to get all the options in a client instead of using networkmanager-openvpn

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Yes, especially the fully equipped Linux client that doesn't lack any of the features its Windows "brother" has, is one of the reasons i chose AIR over another provider.

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I agree with the assertion that other distros do have their good points but nothing seems as much like home as Arch, I first found it many years ago, back when it actually had release numbers / code names, iirc I first tried it at 0.7 Vega, ( maybe Homer) Others just seem, messy? hard to explain heh... Pacman + AUR is awesome

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