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I recently tested my browser at http://ip-check.info and discovered my browsers (I use chrome and firefox) sent heaps of information that amounted to a fingerprint. I recall another site that provided a score, along the lines of "Your configuration is relatively unique - one PC in two billion" - or something like that.

Without using JonDo or ToR - is there a way to configure a browser to reduce the amount of identifying information sent?

Thank you for your time - and apologies if this has been covered - I could not see a post that addressed this issue.

[And thanks to Airvpn and the Airvpn community who have lots of great suggestions and assistance.]


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Just remove the TorLauncher addon from the Tor Browser and set the proxy settings to "none".

You will have a pretty hardened browser (based on Firefox) with very good defaults, without Tor.


The website you were referring to is this:


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what zhang888 stated


one of the best ways to quickly config firefox

plus you can check on the forum for 'hardening firefox'

think there is a user.js file ya can add into the tor headless config

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Hello folks - thank you heaps for your replies and advice. Very much appreciated. 

Have a great day.....


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zhang888: now I understand the questions about stripping off Tor Browser. It's very easy in Linux (only disabling Torlauncher, changing the network settings and disabling remote dns), but when I tried the same in Windows it doesn't work.

Do you know the steps to do the same in Windows, and how to disable the about:tor webpage when Tor browser is launched?


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